Brian Williams Pushes Influency Real Good

If you’re young, and Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon tell you to Push It Real GoodI’ll bet you listen. That’s Influency*.

Understanding Influency involves many things, all being pulled, pushed, and poked just the right way. It’s what caused me to wonder aloud, a few years ago, where people get their news.It’s what caused me to point out what Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck have always known: you must get noticed.

Jimmy Fallon bringing Brian Williams onto his program might be exactly what it takes to get young people to pay attention—even if for just a few moments—to the news and issues like The Fiscal Cliff. It’s how you push your position. It’s the very definition of Influency*.

Even if the venerable Brian Williams looks a little horrified after he implores that we all “push it real good”.

Whether you’re worried about Design, Development, Content, Optimization, Influency, or that Holy Grail where they all come together to form Integrated Marketing, be ready to think outside the box. Be ready for big business change. Because every day you spend pretending that things are going to go back to “the way they used to be”, or something else you understood, is another day Influency is slipping further away.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can contact me here. Either way, enjoy Mr. Williams.

Push It Real Good:

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