Long Tail Marketing Equals Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes, you just shake your head in disbelief.

A few days ago, I noticed that somebody had searched Google for the phrase answerguy.com+social+networking. I’m sure you can guess, but what that means is that it occurred to someone that they needed to ask Google what had been said about social networking over the years at Answer Guy Central.

And we’ve said plenty. We don’t specifically name social networking as one of the tenets of Influency, but it surely is—although in practical terms we usually consider social networking to be part of Optimization.

You’ll notice, though, that the results Google shows you for “social networking” here at Answer Guy Central are different than what we show you when you search us while you’re already here. And I’d like those results to align better, but here’s a secret:

I don’t really care.

Not “I don’t care” in a literal sense. I merely don’t care that Google’s thoughts about social networking at answerguy.com differ from our results for an internal answerguy.com social networking search because either way, we engage you and give you plenty of content to read while you’re here.And we keep you here longer, and we like that both because it keep us interacting and because Google knows that.

So I’m amazed, and pleased; someone, somewhere had preconceived ideas that answerguy.com was a good place to ask about social networking, and asked while aboard The Good Ship Google. And because of our position on long tail marketing, there was plenty of information to share.

How’d that happen, really? I’d love to share, but I can’t until you Contact Me.

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