I’m a big proponent of customer service; I believe customer service to be the single most important way a business can distinguish itself from the gazillion-or-so other businesses doing almost if not exactly the same thing they do. In short, customer service is a sales tool.

MailPoet 360-Degree Marketing and The Sales Value in Customer Service when customer service is a sales toolSee The Entire MailPoet/360-Degree Marketing/Kim Gjerstad Series

would you rather listen?

We’re so serious about customer service here that we created The Answer Guy’s 1and1 Internet Customer Service Wall of Shame to memorialize the way customer service and discuss how doing it the wrong way can torpedo a business’ position in the hearts and minds of its customers.

Kim Gjerstad and the MailPoet team love customer service, and that love of customer service feels like an extension of MailPoet’s commitment to community.

This isn’t just a theoretical love. As Gjerstad points out in his 360-degree Marketing presentation at WordCamp Europe 2013, MailPoet figured out that making customer service a priority creates two very real sales benefits for MailPoet:

I can stop, right? Customer service may take a lot of work and you might believe that time/money/effort is better spent elsewhere, but … in the era of business process and business change that we’re living in now nothing pays back better than customer service.

Want to talk about how you can make customer service a regular and profitable part of your business process? Me too.

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