giving back via social media with Mark Schaefer

Today, I’m taking a break from cracking the millennials code. Courtesy of one of my Twitter contacts my mind is on Giving Back Via Social Media.

I pointed out how unsocial social media is way back in 2009. I believe that more than ever. But maybe it’s because we’re all missing the point. Maybe social media is about way more than broadcasting your pearls of wisdom to thousands of disengaged strangers.

Or way less.

This morning I received a note pointing out that a link from this page was broken. So I poked around, and sure enough, Mark Schaefer has removed an article he wrote a few years ago. Go ahead, check by clicking here.

While this could now take an ugly turn—I’ve been critical of Mark Schaefer’s marketing methodologies for a couple of years or so—I’m not invoking Mr. Schaefer as anything but the object of this story. The subject is giving back via social media.

As I pointed out to Duke Vukadinovic, Mark Schaefer’s missing article is still available via The Internet Archive. Since we live in an ever-more-censored world where even that venerable body sees smoke on the horizon, we’ve preserved it here as well, along with proof that Mark Schaefer has deleted the post that Duke was looking for.

Again, those words might sound as though I’m picking on Mark Schaefer. You don’t ever delete an article from a website; old stuff has marketing valueMark, are you listening? Seriously, are you?

Giving Back Via Social Media

But this really is a story about giving back via social media. I spent a few minutes doing the research that let Duke Vukadinovic see what he was looking for this morning. And from that came not only a stronger relationship with someone who might one day be helpful to me, but the article you’re reading, too.

Will Kim Kardashian ever do that kind of thing for one of her followers? Of course not. But I’m not Kim Kardashian and I’m pretty sure you aren’t, either.

Got something you need a few minutes of help digging up? You know where to find me.

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