Facebook and Death

Facebook and death don’t mix. Wait … check that … Facebook and death DO mix, but Facebook doesn’t understand how.

Facebook and Death is just one of many things that THE Social Network has never understood about social networking. But last week the subject took an interesting turn; Facebook has admitted that Facebook is bad at social networking.

Actually, it’s even worse than that. Facebook says Facebook is bad for you. And that the solution is to spend more time on Facebook.

Yes, that sound you hear is your head exploding. But the idea is pretty simple: Facebook thinks Facebook is bad for you because you’re using it wrong. If you get on Facebook more and use it more actively, Facebook will be good for you.

Facebook and Death

If your head still isn’t OK, think about something we’ve been saying here since 2009: Social Networking is actually quite antisocial. Social Networking causes isolation and depression. But as much as I believe that’s how it’s (mostly) worked out, social networking isn’t inherently bad. We’re just using it wrong. To be good for you, social networking requires active participation.

Start here and read backward; we’ve examined social networking and its problems dozens of times. And yes, I’ve talked about Facebook and Death …  and new life. We’ve seen at least one intentionally un-social social network. There’s evidence that social networking makes you stupid. And of course, there’s … the kids.

As much as it pains me, I think I have to agree with Facebook’s position that as bad as Facebook is for you the best solution is to use Facebook more. It applies in life. It applies in business, It applies to the spot where Facebook and death intersect. Yeah, the real best solution would be to drop social networking in favor of more real life stuff, but … well, you know the chance of that.

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