Customer Service Matters. Sometimes the customer service you receive is great, like when you shop at B&H Photo, but more often, it’s bad.

We’ve gotten so serious about customer service here at Answer Guy Central that we’ve started The Answer Guy’s Customer Service Wall of Shame. If you visit, you’ll see stories about things like:

and now, the latest inductee to our Customer Service Wall of Shame: Constant Contact

We’ve been customers of Constant Contact for a few years. We use them to manage our mailing lists, send out our monthly newsletter, and stay in touch with our friends and clients when special things they all need to hear about happen. Constant Contact is a great service. But I decided recently to switch to MailChimp.

I sent Constant Contact a note requesting that they cancel our account, and received a response designed to retain us as a customer. Sounds great, right? That’s GOOD customer service, not bad!

Problem is, the customer service offering was flat-out insulting. Constant Contact’s offer of customer service in the interest of retention was to add a service to our account for three months for free. It’s a service that allows us to store lots of extra stuff and have more images available for use in our messages.

Forget the fact that everything in this added service is already part of what we get at MailChimp without paying extra; that was part of the reason I decided to switch. Think instead of the message Constant Contact sent in the name of customer service:

“we want to retain you, so we’re offering you fifteen whole dollars worth of something you’ve thus far elected not to purchase from us and then will start billing you for it three months from now”


I’m all for the up-sell. By all means, when you see an opportunity to sell something new to an existing customer you need to go after it. But pretending to do a customer a favor, calling it customer service, and then making the favor so small as to insult the customer’s intelligence? All that tells me is I wish I had left Constant Contact sooner.

Don’t treat your customers this way. Customer service matters, but if your customer feels anything other than serviced . . . no, strike that . . . AND if your customer feels anything other than serviced, you’re going to lose him.

Welcome to the Customer Service Wall of Shame, Constant Contact.

Answer Guy’s Customer Service Wall of Shame Inductee

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