Once more, with gusto: Search Engine Optimization Matters. And SEO is one of the things we do very well here at Answer Guy Central; Click to learn about Answer Guy Search Engine Optimization Services.

Commercial delivered. Now here’s a tip: SEO isn’t all that hard. You can do it yourself. All you need is some knowledge, and the right tools.

OK, so maybe the knowledge part isn’t as easy as you might like, and you could discover that even with a clear understanding of how Search Engine Optimization works you still want someone to do the heavy lifting for you. By all means, Contact The Answer Guy about SEO if that’s you. But here’s a tip: to do your own Search Engine Optimization you don’t really need “tools”; you just need “tool”. And that tool is Advanced Web Ranking. Advancing Web Ranking is SEO Software.

I had a chance to play with AWR this morning, and I’m stunned by how complete an SEO tool it is. Put the information you need to track into AWR, and it spits out . . . well, it spits out just about anything you might need to know about the your site ranking, how your web site it looks to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, acts as a keyword research tool, knows your competition, and much, much more.

AWR SEO Search Engine Optimization Screen Shot

Now let’s roll back a few steps: for the most part, your SEO work doesn’t strictly “need” tools of any sort. Once you learn how search engine optimization works and how to make SEO happen using your web page design software or content management system you’ll find that you’re able to make almost everything happen almost intuitively. I knew, for example, exactly how to get Google to see this page about Nissan of Manhattan Customer Service as deserving of a position right at the top of their rankings, and made it happen by writing just one blog post. But Search Engine Optimization tools do a couple of things: they point out what you might have missed, and when they’re well designed SEO tools show you some things almost before you think to look for them.

In the case of Advanced Web Ranking, just clicking from screen to screen looking at the information it had uncovered about a few key phrases showed me who the competition for those SEO phrases was, for example. And I never even had to ask. AWR knew I’d want that information, and put it right into the simplest, least-specific report it turns out!

Compare this, for example, to Web CEO. As I said, I’ve played with tools and until I came across Advanced Web Ranking Web CEO was my tool of choice. But AWR simply goes farther, faster, and more easily.

And then there’s this: Advanced Web Ranker has a licensing scheme that’s easier to decipher than other SEO tools. Bottom line: $100 a year covers you. Simple, and inexpensive. And that assumes you pay at all: you can get your AWR license for free by following this link and some instructions, like I have.

That’s called a disclosure, by the way; see this link about Kim Kardashian and the FTC for why I needed to include it.

The bottom line remains that you absolutely must be doing long tail marketing and Search Engine Optimization, and once again, let me point out that SEO by The Answer Guy is the best out there. But if you decide to take on SEO for yourself, well, look no further than Advanced Web Ranking.

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