In the natural course of doing business, somewhere along the line we’ve become one of the go-to consulting companies for businesses looking to move away from Hubspot. That probably had something to do with my commentary on how great Hubspot is but that you still shouldn’t use it.

Yesterday I took a mental health day. While most of us can’t take them too often, I’m a big proponent of the occasional day devoted to doing nothing more than clearing your head. Many times it’s where business change comes from; Bill Gates is a famous proponent of downtime, so who am I to argue?

In the midst of my reflection, I came across a comment on that Hubspot posting I mentioned above. Someone had said, simply, that the work we do backing companies out of Hubspot seemed like the kind of thing people would pay for. It made me go back and read the Hubspot post. And I noticed something.

That post was categorized here as both pertaining to Search Engine Optimization and as “uncategorized”. Which really isn’t possible, is it? Given that it was a mental health day I had the time to spend a few minutes digging deeper into the issue here at Answer Guy Central and discovered that almost two hundred of the posts here were set up as both uncategorized and something else. Some were marked as being about Search Engine Optimization, others about Business Change, but no matter, “uncategorized” doesn’t play nice with things that have a category.

So I spent a few minutes cleaning things up. Not much of a story? Here’s where it becomes one:

At Answer Guy Central we take care of a bunch of business problems for our clients. While there’s more to it than just this, we manage business change issues for technology companies, consult on customer service modeling and intellectual property, and have become quite in-demand for our Search Engine Optimization and SEO Consulting Services.

My Mental Health Day gave a boost to the Search Engine Optimization and SEO Consulting part of things.

By re-arranging the categories for posts—especially those about Search Engine Optimization—we took a small step in the battle to make Google and other search engines view us as influential in SEO. Just as with long-tail marketing, in Search Engine Optimization it’s taking lots of small steps that matters.

But there’s more! The software we use here relates posts to each other, causing links back and forth to be generated. As I revealed in this white paper on Google’s Secret Sauce, there’s nothing more important to Search Engine Optimization than the number, quality, and activity on your links. Simply by cleaning up our categories we generated forty new links.

All from taking a Mental Health Day.

I’m back. I’ve got forty new SEO-creating links in hand. And I’m here to help you with your business’ Search Engine Optimization.

And remember: Hubspot may be cool, but you don’t really want to use it.

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