I may never get to be a Rock Star, but lately our Search Engine Optimization sure has brought me closer to a few of them.

Rock Star SEO: Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, The Grateful Dead

As I write this post, if you check with Google you’ll find that Answer Guy Central ranks #1 for “Axl Rose Business“. We rank #6 for “Mick Jagger Business“, and #22 for “Grateful Dead Business“, jumping all the way up to #1 if you add Change (“Grateful Dead Business Change”) to that last one.

Those high rankings exist because over time I’d had several reasons to write about Rock Stars. I told you about my encounter with Mick Jagger at a Gagosian Gallery in New York City, about how The Grateful Dead all but invented one kind of business change, and most recently, about Axl Rose and his business change missteps.

I thought of this issue today when a reader at Answer Guy Central commented on a story I wrote about Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck about ten months ago. The reader was complimentary about how we had constructed that post, seeing clearly that we had not only written an interesting story, but also pulling off, as people often say, a “I see what you did there” side benefit. The benefit, by the way, was having that reader find us almost a year later.

Aside from my love of showing you how good we are at SEO, this all came home for me when I heard today that Google has decided to allow you to craft your own search results. This is great news, and I’ll be telling you why in my next post.

For now, though, let’s all just cheer our friends at Google. And remember, if you need help playing nice with everyone’s favorite search engine, you can contact us, here.

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