The other day, Lee Odden, a marketing consultant who I’ve mentioned here a couple of times, wrote a post on a topic I’ve been talking about for … well, for a pretty long time.

Lee’s subject was pretty simple: Search Optimization is just one piece of the marketing equation. Whether you see SEO as Art, Science, or a cross between the two, Search Engine Optimization is no longer something that stands on its own.

This got me thinking about a few things. I thought about Search Engine Optimization Philosophy and long tail marketing. I thought about how hard computers are to use well and an old philosophy of mine comparing computers to televisions. Mostly, though, I thought about business change.

You don’t hire computer consultants very much any more, do you? Oh sure, at big companies there are still IT Departments or an outsourced version of them tasked with keeping your boxes running—this is ultimately what companies like PC-VIP are about. And some small companies will always need services like what we deliver at The Computer Answer Guy. But as the boxes themselves have become ubiquitous and more and more of what we do with computers has become collaborative and stored in “the cloud, the specialty of computer consulting has collapsed in to became part of something bigger: it’s all about business consulting, now.

As I pointed out to Lee Odden, we mostly stopped calling ourselves technology consultants and started saying “business consultants” about a decade ago. Mostly, we’ve stopped saying “SEO” and started saying “marketing” in the last couple of years, too. It’s all getting … bigger … even as the separate tasks become more specialized.

Do you think in terms of small, distinct tasks, or is your approach to business change more holistic?

Obviously, I lean more toward the latter. It is, to be blunt, how I look at most things. I’m a macro guy, and while I can get down in the trenches and do micro things (Search, Accounting, Sales, whatever … ), I’m a proponent of starting by making the right decisions. It’s important that the dog wag the tail—not the other way around.

So I salute Lee Odden and other marketing consultants like Brian Clark for seeing the big picture. And all that leaves me wondering is this: what Big Picture/Macro Approach steps are you taking to manage your business change?

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