I mentioned the changing face of search and search engine optimization earlier this week. Google is changing the rules for search engine optimization in ways that those of us who practice it need to be afraid of and those of you who we do search on behalf of might need to fear even more.

I’ve been saying that this is about software and artificial intelligence going places that so far they haven’t be able to reach, and that description is accurate. But yesterday I read an even better way of putting it:

What People Do IS The New SEO

Compared to talking about Artificial Intelligence and software algorithms, it’s a simpler, more human way of looking at the issue. And it’s spot-on; odd as this may seem, what you do IS the most important determiner in what you see in search engine results.

I closed 2010 with this post about trends in business change and technology, and one of the points I made was that this whole social networking thing actually matters to you. It’s fifteen months later, and what I said then is becoming more true every day. Developments like Google’s “Search Plus Your World” are driving the way we find things on the Internet, and there’s almost nothing you can do about it; if you want more sterile results than the social-networking-tinted ones, you need to work too hard to get them!

Business Change? Few are bigger.

Happy Friday. Make it a great weekend. And remember: Just Roll Over; This Won’t Hurt a Bit.

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