2010 will be remembered as the year that business change was all about Social Networking and Search Engine Optimization.

Oh: And for Apple’s attempts to control the Media Business. And when Cloud Computing became real. And when Customer Service finally died . . . and was resurrected.

At least, that’s how we’ll remember 2010 at Answer Guy Central. Here’s a quick re-cap of the most important things we told you about in 2010. Strap in! . . .

Social Networking was the biggest buzz-phrase of 2010:

Apple made amazing strides in its quest to control the media business:

Cloud Computing, the idea that your files don’t have to be on your computer, became “real”:

We Saw Some Examples of Real Business Change in 2010:

But as a guy who watches business change for the emergence of trends and helps business navigate them, nothing was a bigger story in 2010 than the change in how Search Engine Optimization intersected with the continued decline and simultaneous re-emergence of Customer Service.

Why is search engine optimization related to customer service? Because SEO is the best way to make your business look important, but bad customer service will tank you faster than anything We felt so strongly about this that we created The Answer Guy’s Customer Service Wall of Shame. On it you’ll find the story of Nissan of Manhattan and why denying warranty and customer service is a very bad idea in the age of search engine optimization. We tell you about the absolute worst customer service ever. And there’s more.

But even if they didn’t all get onto the Wall of Shame, we saw examples of how failing to understand customer service will tank you in the era of search engine optimization:

The Answer Guy did search engine optimization on all of those stories. And it worked. Big.

I’d like to leave you smiling, so once you’ve had enough of the bad stuff, take a look at these:

For a very non-PC chuckle, watch what happens when Jews have a sense of humor about being business-changing, money-grubbing scoundrels.

And finally, I have to point you at a post about . . . Fish. And a restaurateur in Westchester County New York who’s bringing real business change to our food supply, one very expensive meal at a time. Please: spend a few minutes watching the video by Dan Barber you’ll find here.

Business change is everywhere, and at Answer Guy Central, we’re got it in our sights so you can get it all easily.

It’s been a great 2010. See you next year . . .

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