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As he closes the introduction of his presentation at WordCamp Europe 2013, MailPoet’s Kim Gjerstad roles through several points that I’ll group together under the umbrella of Cultural Influence. In this bundle Gjerstad covers influences from and upon cultures of widely varied positions, illustrating two topics that come up here frequently, impact a business’ influency and need to be taken into account in business process management: the idea of context and the importance of everything.

His first cultural reference is actually a two-pronged point: MailPoet’s original name had been an acronym that made so little sense outside his immediate circle of friends—the French WordPress Plug-in development community—that there’s been very little marketing traction. Good choice. WYSIJA, which stood for What You See is Just Awesome, might have been clever but an awesome name it was not. It was unpronounceable and no matter how great Gjerstad’s software is WYSIJA didn’t say anything at all about the product:

Play this video a bit further than it’s queued for here and you’ll see Kim talk about a member of the MailPoet team. Besides giving him a chance to credit a compatriot, this also lets Mr. Gjerstad slip in an extra joke; the silent partner member of the MailPoet team he refers to has a previous life as a Joomla developer. Speaking as he is to a roomful of WordPress geeks, this gets a laugh; Joomla runs a distant second to WordPress in the Content Management System market. It’s a joke that only a certain culture would get, and the WordCamp attendees bit.

So Kim Gjerstad’s presentation on MailPoet and plug-in development is set up; he’s covered a lot of ground in just two minutes, his audience is primed and paying attention, and in our next installment the real work can begin.

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