Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake

Despite his name have come up here over two dozen times, I have at best only a passing interest in model/wooden actor/über-investor-cum-pitchman Ashton Kutcher. But this week, Ashton Kutcher made what can only be called an Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake. How big a mistake? Uber big.

would you rather listen?

Ashton Kutcher happens to count among his many smart investments a stake in gypsy-cab company Uber. That investment has done very well for Mr. Kutcher, and unless the large mess that is Uber’s collective set of business practices—splashed all over the media this week—somehow tanks Uber’s entire business, Ashton Kutcher is in line to make a lot of money. So the investment wasn’t the Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake.

The Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake happened when Ashton Kutcher opened his uber mouth and inserted his uber foot. Via Twitter (because … you know … ) Ashton Kutcher asked this question: “What is so wrong about digging up dirt on shady journalists?”

Anatomy of an Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake

I have two points to make.

  1. I agree with the point Kutcher made
  2. He made his point very poorly

Kutcher’s point—I think—was that we live in a world where paparazzo lurk on every corner and with sensationalist crap existing even on network news, the news reporters are fair game for being “investigated” in exactly the same way that, say, the Ashton Kutchers are. I agree with this point; it’s difficult to dispute.

The Ashton Kutcher Uber Mistake occurred when good old AplusK failed to take into account that the way you conduct an investigation matters, and intimidating your investigatory targets isn’t OK. He didn’t really help his cause when, while trying to recast his point, Kutcher asked whether he, like everyone, is a journalist as he simultaneously tried to backtrack and explain himself.

Loose lips, as they say, sink ships. Even especially when those lips belong to Ashton Kutcher.

Your social media marketing efforts should only be so successful as Ashton Kutcher’s. But regardless of how well you do getting out there, keep in mind that what matters in social media isn’t only what you say; it’s how you say it. So shall I say this again?: Perception is Reality.

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