Gumby Blockhead J ... uncredited at SERoundtable

If I told you that Gumby Blockhead J was into search engine optimization you be skeptical—and rightly so. But the Gumby Blockhead characters are alive and ‘Gumby Blockhead” just started mattering. Because SEO is tricky, getting trickier, and getting harder to understand.

Just ask Barry Schwartz. Or better yet, don’t.

You probably don’t know who Blockhead J is—or perhaps Gumby himself is too old for you to know. Look here to remedy that, if you like. Barry Schwartz is the right age to know the Gumby Blockheads, though. And while I’ve picked on Barry recently he remains a respected SEO practitioner.

Which underscores the problems that are getting bigger in Search Engine Optimization. Not only does SEO no longer make sense as a stand-alone process, but even people like Barry Schwartz are losing their handle on it.

I suppose there’s not much of a real surprise here. Google admitted that even it didn’t really understand how SEO works—eight years ago. But what Barry Schwartz wrote about last week takes things to a whole new level. There are problems popping up in search, new ways of gaming the system, and Google can’t keep up.

This stuff is becoming more and more about “everything“. And yeah, you need to keep pushing your social profiles out there if you want good search rankings.

Are YOU a Gumby Blockhead?

But in 2018 what this subject is not is formulaic. OK, it is formulaic: SEO is but one part of digital marketing—and digital marketing requires constant attention.

There’s no magic bullet. You need to keep plugging at your digital marketing. Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Keyword-focused blog posts and accompanying videos? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. And you probably don’t want to hire a kid to manage your Instagram account unless you’re shooting at attention from more kids.

Head spinning? Thinking it’s time to take your digital marketing efforts a bit more seriously? It is.

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