So I’m looking at this picture of a cute kitten. No, a VERY cute kitten. Let me be clear: I’m a dog person; for a kitten to strike me as cute it needs to be one seriously cute kitten.


Cute Kitten

Really Cute Kitten


Would I kid you? That’s A REALLY CUTE KITTEN!

Do I have your attention? I hope so, but it’s likely that I have your attention for the wrong reason. If you’re a regular reader here you’re dumbfounded that I’ve led off with cute kittens (stick around, please), even if you think that kitten is as cute as I do. On the other hand if you’re a cute kitten fan lured here by the promise of cute kittens and the steps I’ve take to attract you via cute kitten-related Search Engine Optimization, I’m about to lose you. And that’s OK. Goodbye.

I’m thinking about cute kittens today for the same reason I’m thinking about funny Jews, like Sarah Silverman. Sarah is one of the two stars of a video that started running recently where nothing happens other than a conversation. It’s funny, not so much because the schtick is all that good but because of what it is: a long commercial for Denny’s, pretending to be an off-the-cuff conversation at “America’s Diner”.


And like cute kittens, it attracts traffic. LOTS of traffic.

I got to thinking about this yesterday, when my post about how Movie Studios Want You To Pirate Their Films got about twenty times the day-of-post traffic most of what I write gets. Are people really so interested in movie piracy that the mere mention of it would draw so much traffic?

Yes, they are. And movie piracy isn’t nearly as hot as “cute kittens”. It isn’t even as hot as Sarah Silverman, who was the star of another video we featured here, a few months ago. And while we’re on the topic, try typing jews electronics store into Google. You’ll find that this post about the Jewish-run B&H Photo is pretty highly placed.

Cute Kittens. Jewish people, like Sarah Silverman. Search Engine Optimization. What do they have in common?

They’re all fodder for Long-Tail Marketing.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the concept of Long Tail Marketing, please start, NOW. It’s becoming more important every day; I can actually see how important Long-Tail Marketing is, day over day when I look at the SEO Results Page here at Answer Guy Central—or the details on the success of our Search Engine Optimization efforts for clients.

And Denny’s doing a commercial starring Sarah Silverman that you can’t even tell is a commercial is exactly that. The post on movie piracy will draw traffic for years. And cute kittens? They just work.

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