Yesterday my phone rang. it was an attorney, looking to pick my brains and exchange ideas about Hubspot.

The first part of that statement isn’t the part that matters, except that attorneys do tend to be pretty smart. And this guy was. He knew more about Hubspot that anyone who’s ever called here before, and the conversation we had felt like a real give-and-take more than just someone wanting my spin on things. It was fun.

People wanting to understand Hubspot call here pretty often, because I’ve included Hubspot in the long tail marketing strategy for Answer Guy Central. I’ve actually become something of an anti-Hubspot Consultant, almost by accident, despite agreeing with Hubspot’s tenet that Long Tail Marketing is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization.

We spoke for over an hour. We talked about what’s good about Hubspot, as well as what’s not so good. And I used the opportunity to make the conversation a sales call. I showed off our new high ranking for “who really caught Osama“, for example, pointing out that we gained that ranking in less than twenty-four hours using completely legitimate SEO technique. No, I don’t care about attracting the conspiracy theorists asking that question, but I like the traffic that this post about Who Caught Osama generates.

That’s the Long Tail, and Long Tail Marketing built into your Search Engine Optimization is the single most useful marketing tactic you can use today.

So go ahead and call me. We can talk about Google Buying Hubspot because they like content farms, or Rock Star SEO, or pretty much anything; I’m just that kind of guy.

But be sure to pay attention to that long tail, and how long you can grow yours. Because you need long tail in your Search Engine Optimization. Long Tail Marketing works.

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