FIOS Quantum Wifi and Wireless Speed

The other day  I was looking at the search phrases that have landed people at Answer Guy Central, and I came across both what you see above (25 mbps comcast connection, however wifi only gets 10 mbps), and this:

Google Search for 'Upgraded Internet Speed'

Pleased as I was to see Google’s high opinion of Answer Guy Central’s Search Engine Optimization efforts, what got me thinking was the perception/reality thing. People are buying high speed Internet and getting—or believe this to be the case—nothing resembling the high speeds they’ve paid for. This is the kind of thing we manage for our clients at The Computer Answer Guy and PC-VIPcomputers are too hard to get working the way you want them to work.

Check for yourself what happens when you search Google for ‘just upgraded internet no speed difference‘. There we are, in position #5. It seems that lots of people are wondering about the thing I pointed out in this piece on Verizon FIOS Quantum; when you buy upgraded Internet speeds you don’t always see them.

But why?

There’s not just one reason for this. My kids sometimes complain that our Internet connection is bad, and after running a few tests I invariably get to tell them that our connection is fine. What’s really at fault when “our Internet connection is terrible” is that somewhere between the device being used to surf and the web site or other server that’s being accessed, something has gone wrong.

When you buy high speed Internet access, be it Verizon FIOS Quantum, Comcast 105 mbps, or some other variant, what you’re buying is a particular connection speed between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the point where your Internet service enters your home or business. If the ISP provides one, that “entry point” is extended to the router.

But then you have to get your connection from the router to you computers, tablets, or whatever other devices you use. And that means other wires enter the equation, or wireless/WiFi connections come into play, or even the connection point built into or added to your device starts mattering. And each time one element of the connection is less than optimal, the speed and quality of your connection degrades. Sharing the connection between multiple devices slows things, too.

So while “25 mbps comcast connection, however wifi only gets 10 mbps” might seem extreme, it might not be.

This is why, in discussing business process and data analysis, I often find myself talking about Naked Women, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence, or Speed, Perception and Reality. Even Google thinks speed matters. All of these little tweaks matter, especially when Search Engine Optimization is on the table. They all effect your Influency* ™.

And Influency*, whether exerted by you or something that controls how fast your Internet connection is—or seems to be—is what marketing is all about.

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