I Google Myself Too Often


Can I Google Myself Too Much?

When you’re me, even watching 2012 come to a close and thinking about Answer Guy Central’s almost-here Influency* re-branding comes in a distant second to questions like that one. Yeah, I know how weird that makes me.

Nevertheless, when a couple of people landed at Answer Guy Central yesterday by Googling the phrase “yeah I know I google myself too often“, it caught my attention.

I was surprised. I don’t feel as though I Google myself very often, and prior to today, the only time the phrase “google myself” had ever been published at Answer Guy Central was here, over three years ago.

And yet, there we sit, right at the top of Google’s search results for yeah I know I google myself too often. Note that this statement is correct as of December 20, 2012—as illustrated by the Grimm’s Fairy Tale’s 200 Anniversary Google Logo you can see above— and that I conducted the google myself search using Google Chrome’s incognito mode. Addendum, November 1 2014: nearly two years later, we’re #1 for the phrases “google myself too much” and “can I google myself too much”. But for THIS page.

What does all of this silliness mean?

Aside from displaying my obsession with Search Engine Optimization, this is a story about just how effective Long Tail Marketing can be.

As if the story of our Google search results ranking for yeah I know I google myself too often isn’t strange enough, the page that Big G sees as the single most important result out of almost 13 million competitors is this story I wrote five months ago about The Nexus 7. Go read it. Search through its text for whatever words you think are signals to the page’s importance for ‘yeah i know i google myself too often’ and see if you can figure this out. I tried just the word ‘often’, for example, and it’s there exactly twice and never in close enough proximity to the other words in the search term to suggest that this is “the page” for yeah i know i google myself too often.

On the other hand, as a result of writing this story today it’s a pretty good bet that whatever the explanation for the anomaly is, we’ll be staying at a high rank for . . . well, a while.

That’s SEO, and it tells you a lot about what you need to know about Long Tail Marketing.

Whether you trust Google, or not, and regardless of your stance on whether you have too much information ‘out there’, Managing Search Engine Optimization and Long Tail Marketing will increase your Influency*. It works, and what we do is simplify that for you.

Influency* is the point where we put all of this stuff together. Stay tuned, or if you just can’t wait, contact me about Influency* here.

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