All the tools in the world don’t matter, if you use them like toys.Having 50 GB OF FREE CLOUD STORAGE!!! isn’t meaningful unless you use it, any more than having more pixels on a screen than you can see.

I’ve just come across Otixo. It’s a great solution to a growing problem; we have “stuff” scattered all across the Internet in various “cloud” locations, but as soon as you use more than one you create questions about what got stored where. And good luck moving things from one place to another.

Otixo Cloud Computing and Easier Storage Management

Call it what it is: unless you can find your things, you might as well not have them. And with Otixo, I now have all of my cloud services accessible from one location. And it’s free.

You see it here. My Google Drive account, right there along with Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, and a few others; I even have a quick link to the storage area we use to host Answer Guy Central. It’s all in one place and it’s easy to mix, match, and swap. Otixo is the answer to your questions about cloud storage and missing files. Bravo.

Click this link to get an Otixo account

I wanted to share Otixo with you, because it’s one of those things that made sense to me the moment I saw it.But there’s more to it than that.

As The Influency* Revolution gets closer, it becomes more important than ever to learn how to block out the background noise and stay focused on what matters. You really do need to be in The Cloud, but you also need to realize that you already are—so that catch phrases fade into the background. Don’t worry about whether it’s Apple’s iCloud, or whether your music is in Google’s music cloud; that stuff will fall into place naturally.Shiny objects like Spotify and Siri? Distractions.

Influency is, as much as anything else, about simplification.And the first person you can model Influency for is . . . you.It’s why I get so excited about huge business changes, like the Google Chromebook.

Set up that Otixo account. And get ready for Influency*.


FOOTNOTE, February 22, 2013: Yesterday, I received a note from Otixo telling me that my “trial account” had reached the end of its 14 day life. I now had exactly one option: upgrade to a paid account.

Problem is, when I signed up for Otixo on January 17, no mention was made of the fact that they’d be forcing me into a paid account. Oh, and by the way, do the math. I signed up on January 17, and 14 days before February 21 was February 7, so … this represents a terms change after the fact.

Please be aware that even if you’re OK paying Otixo for the use of their service (and honestly, it’s overpriced, at least as I write this), Otixo is displaying customer service proclivities making them deserving of enshrinement on The Answer Guy’s Verizon Wireless Customer Service Wall of Shame.

I’d do that, but frankly I suspect Otixo isn’t long for this world, so … well, just never mind Otixo.

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