I’ve told you before about the client who asked me if the world has too many blogs. I’ve pointed out that kids hardly blog at all. And I’ve given my opinion: if you have nothing to say you should stop blogging.

You have something to say.

Yesterday I came across an article that I found intriguing enough to comment on. And if you read the information and examine the graphs in this well thought out piece you might conclude that business blogging is over.

What I pointed out was this:

First, there’s myriad anecdotal AND structured-study evidence that blogging is in fact dying. In context, this is a function of a couple of things:

1) People started blogging and got bored
2) People start blogs and don’t see the results they’re after

So let’s be clear about something:

Blogging in general has matured, and “cracking the ranks” is getting harder and harder.

But unless your goal is to be a superstar in a “I’m a media guy!” kind of way, blogging isn’t dying. In fact, it’s ABSOLUTELY the best way to SEO success. And let’s be very, very clear: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) matters to your business change and business success, and blogging, along with engagement with your customers on your blog, is a terrific tool in your quest to supply outstanding customer service.

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Is business blogging dead? Only if you want your business to be dead, too.

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