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Somewhere between art and science lies the art and science of Search Engine Optimization. Yesterday, courtesy of Facebook, the social network‘s new standing as a public company, Yahoo!, and the news cycle, we received proof Proof PROOF!!! that search engine optimization via long tail marketing techniques really works.


At the top of this piece you’ll see two graphics. The second one is our Google Search Engine Optimization ranking for the phrase long-tail marketing as of a couple of days ago. I showed it to you when I wrote this post on minimum viable audience. Nice ranking considering the prevalence of the term “long tail marketing”, don’t you think?

The first is a screen grab from Answer Guy Central showing the ten most popular posts here over the last fifteen days. It’s a rolling, constantly-changing list, and you can see it yourself in the sidebar of this page. See that item listed at position six? I wrote the article Patents Must Be Unique. Facebook’s 7,669,123 Isn’t on February 25, 2010, and now, 27 months later, it’s drawing traffic by the boatload.

Why would that happen, and more important, why would I care?

The why would it happen part has to do with this article from TechCrunch. Yesterday, an AOL employee at that blog wrote about somebody’s efforts to invalidate US Patent 7,669,123, and as a result the subject of Facebook’s Newsfeed Patent “got legs”. Specifically, because my article on 7,669,123 from back when it was issued is so highly ranked by search engines like Google, when people started searching for 7,669,123, traffic for that term spiked. And that search traffic spiked here.

So search engine optimization both works, and works over the long term, for people riding that long tail.

The why would I care part comes down to this: long-tail marketing on US Patent 7,669,123 makes the phone ring. It makes people aware of our Intellectual Property Consulting division, and it both gives me a chance to talk about and proves the efficacy of Search Engine Optimization.

Thank you, Facebook. Thank you, TechCrunch, and thank you, long tail marketing.

Want to talk about the long tail and how our search engine optimization philosophy will use it to get you more traffic and more business? Contact me here.

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