I enjoy telling you about Search Engine Optimization. As I’ve mentioned before, part of the reason for that is that we sell SEO Consulting and Search Engine Optimization services, but I also like it because SEO presents the kinds of puzzle that I like trying to solve.

I try to be transparent about both my enthusiasm for SEO and the way we do Search Engine Optimization at Answer Guy Central, so much so that we show you a bunch of our SEO Results—which I’ve been told is rare. And when Google took issue with a test we did on a new SEO technique a couple of years back, I even showed you that.

But it was just a test. We don’t ever do anything even remotely out of bounds when handling our clients’ SEO.  So what if you or your SEO Consultant practice Black-Hat SEO Techniques routinely?

Turns out, Google really, REALLY doesn’t like Black Hat SEO. In fact, they have such issues with Black-Hat SEO that recently Google completely removed all work by one large SEO company from their index, as well as the site of that SEO Consultant, itself. The response? That SEO Consultant has offered up a carefully-worded explanation/apology (this is Search Engine Optimization, after all).

Aside from giving me an excuse to talk about our SEO Consulting Services and suggest that you contact me for help with your company’s Search Engine Optimization, this story made me think about the value of long tail marketing and tie-in between the long tail and SEO and a story I first told you about a year ago.

When an “non-sexual escort service” run by a prominent Lasek Eye Surgeon approached us about handling their SEO efforts, I turned the work down. As I told you at the time I have no judgement about escort services, prostitution, or the suggestion that prostitution might be happening even if the owner of the escort service sticks to his “rules about the non-sexual nature of things” claim. But because at least one judge has ruled that SEO Consultants are liable for the illegal things their clients promote through Search Engine Optimization, I thought it was a good idea to leave that particular money on the table.

I later praised the Lasek Eye Surgeon’s other marketing efforts, by the way. I’m a business consultant, not a judge.

SEO is the single, largest, most important business change you can take on if you want your marketing efforts to succeed. And while there’s a huge difference between good and bad SEO, not understanding the difference isn’t a good reason to bypass the Search Engine Optimization process.

SEO is complicated. Want to understand it better? Reach out.

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