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Selling to Small Business

Selling is hard. Selling to Small Business is harder. Wait, check that; selling to small business is A LOT harder. It was true when I wrote about selling to small business in 2011, and it's just as true now. https://youtu.be/mxFn-rvd9Vw In fact, selling to small...

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How Websites Should Work

In life, as in business, some things are best thought of as magic. Don't ask how they work, just be happy they do. On the other hand, some things work well enough—until you start thinking about what "well enough" means. Websites fall into this category, WordPress...

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NDAs and Terms of Service

As the world changes around us, one thing that's both the same as always and yet different is contracts. We still have them and in practical terms, they aren't always worth the paper they're printed on. And you either signed a half-dozen today without realizing it, or...

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Changing Business Equations

When I started writing here, Answer Guy Central was all about business change. I mean those word literally; changing business was the topic we covered. But time passed. I believe in drinking my own Kool-Aid, and there came a time when "business change" wasn't...

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Business Change Highlights


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