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Building a Better Band-Aid

One of my favorite marketing-and-trademark conversations has always been about what happens when a brand becomes generic. Xerox. Kleenex. TIVO. Band-Aid. What about the rare case where a genericized product actually gets improved upon? Are Nexcare Band-Aids (uggh ......

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Business Change Highlights

Coopetition in Retail Sales

I don't spend much time in malls. While that's a statement many people can make—and an ever-greater number are—it's natural for me. As a resident of New York City, malls just aren't an every-day, drive-by-it option. Retail here is not mall-based, but driven by...

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Why is Penelope Trunk in Therapy?

Who is Penelope Trunk? Why is Penelope Trunk in Therapy? And why on earth would you care one bit about Penelope Trunk's psychological health? https://youtu.be/6JRGddbBxyM I'll start with the answer to that first question. I have no idea who Penelope Trunk (really) is,...

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