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Building a Better Band-Aid

One of my favorite marketing-and-trademark conversations has always been about what happens when a brand becomes generic. Xerox. Kleenex. TIVO. Band-Aid. What about the rare case where a genericized product actually gets improved upon? Are Nexcare Band-Aids (uggh ......

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Business Change Highlights

The End of Pirated Music

It's the end of the year. Courtesy of Amazon.com, our end-of-year story is about the end of pirated music. It's no wonder that a business change of this magnitude would come from Amazon. Dr. Evil's company just keeps changing the way we buy things—all things. And what...

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Coopetition in Retail Sales

I don't spend much time in malls. While that's a statement many people can make—and an ever-greater number are—it's natural for me. As a resident of New York City, malls just aren't an every-day, drive-by-it option. Retail here is not mall-based, but driven by...

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