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Facebook and Death (and Your Business)

Facebook and death don't mix. Wait ... check that ... Facebook and death DO mix, but Facebook doesn't understand how. Facebook and Death is just one of many things that THE Social Network has never understood about social networking. But last week the subject took an...

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Coopetition in Retail Sales

I don't spend much time in malls. While that's a statement many people can make—and an ever-greater number are—it's natural for me. As a resident of New York City, malls just aren't an every-day, drive-by-it option. Retail here is not mall-based, but driven by...

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Business Change Highlights

When is New Revenue Bad?

When is unexpected new revenue a bad thing? Before you guess "never", or "when you aren't prepared to handle the new work that new revenue creates", stop. This story will be going in an entirely different direction than you think. Those things could be it, by the way,...

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The Real Cost of a Haircut

What's The Real Cost of a Haircut? If it's $9.99 you probably don't want it. Then again ... if you don't know what the phrase "cost of a haircut" really means ... well ... this can get interesting. https://youtu.be/qPyx8lCWi-U I have a client who's been cutting hair...

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Do Clothes Still Make The Man?

Back in the day (depending on your age this might seem like a really long time ago) there was a saying that clothes make the man. It's not a literal statement, of course, but its meaning is fairly obvious. Today's business change question is Do Clothes STILL Make the...

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